splash-js help

This page will give some information about how splash-js can be used

REMEMBER: no information is saved until you export and download the changes

Loading files

You can load one competition file and multiple club files

Work flow

To enter a compition, you have to load a competition file (.lxf or lef file received from the orginisation) with the left browse button:

You can only load 1 competition file at a time. When you load an other file, the previous file is discarded

After loading the competition file, you can use one of the following ways to create a club (on the right side of the screen):

Viewing the sessions

After loading the competition, you can see the details of the event clicking on the orange button.

When clicking on the session date (+ time) you will get the list of events. Under these events the athletes will be shown who participate in the events

Subscribe athletes to the events

To subscribe to an event, you have to click on an athlete and choose "Competition" then a list of available events are shown. Use the checkbox to subscribe to the event and choose a time from the select box, or enter a time.

Saving the changes

To save the changes, you have to use the button and then use the "download" link to save the changes to a file.

The exported competition can be send to the organisation. The exported club(s) can be used to load the club again for a next competition.

Extra information

More help has to be added

Known issues

Some things are currently not possible with this version of the software.